ICMS Pty Ltd x ACHPER Victoria: Teachers in Action 2021

In November 2021, ICMS Pty Ltd assisted ACHPER Victoria to stage its second virtual event with ICMSconnect, entitled Teachers in Action.

The event drew over 300 PE teachers and educational professionals from across the country to disseminate important knowledge, engage in fun networking opportunities and build their community. It was hosted by ICMSconnect, our virtual events software and was warmly received by all those involved.

ICMS and ACHPER Victoria have been working together for over 7 years building a strong working relationship in the process, it is because of this that the annual ACHPER conference went virtual in 2020. After the conclusion of the first virtual event, we realised the virtual program worked better for teachers on the go who needed the flexibility of online attendance and recorded sessions. In conjunction, by hosting the event virtually teachers from across Australia were able to join. Whilst COVID has made virtual life necessary, it has also pushed us to change the way we do things and how best to respond to their members needs. 

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