A note on 2020 from our CEO Sarah Markey-Hamm

To our wonderful community,

This year has certainly thrown us some curveballs. Cancellations, postponements and alterations filled our time, and minds, for many months – and while it certainly caused hardship, it also gave us the opportunity to grow.

The evolution of the events industry this year has been enormous, not only in the transition online in prioritising virtual meetings, but also in the way we have come together across the world to collaborate, enact change and save our businesses. It has been wonderful to both witness and be part of.

I believe it is really important to recognise this progress. At ICMS, we created and launched our virtual events management service, ICMSconnect, supported by state-of-the-art industry software, which has already been utilised heavily. It has granted us the means to support our clients to continue to deliver their important work, by staging events that bring people together, disseminate knowledge and celebrate societal contributions. In doing so, we have also been able to generate new business and connections.

The pandemic gifted us the time and space to finally execute this long-awaited service and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the response.

My biggest lesson from 2020 is the importance of valuing and nurturing relationships. From the type of environment we create at work, to supporting our teams, considerately assessing the needs of our clients and contributing to the global events industry, this year has really forced us to consider the people that make our businesses thrive. I feel very grateful for all of those in my circle who have gifted me courage, loyalty and patience throughout the year.

Looking forward, I am excited to return to face-to-face events and explore the endless possibilities inherent in staging hybrid meetings for our clients. It will open up the door in so many ways, including extending the life of an event, increasing accessibility and in many cases, lowering costs.

I am certainly grateful for the opportunities this year has presented, and even though it has been tough for many, I have seen nothing but sincere resilience and determination. My family has been part of the event industry for five decades, and the passion I hold for my work – and all those involved – is something that will never waver.

Thank you to our ICMS community. I cannot wait to continue working with you all in 2021.

Kind regards,

Sarah Markey-Hamm