Abstract for presentation at Global Social Work 2004

The Educational Issues on the Social Work Values in Japan:"Social Justice" and "Social Change"

  • Eiji Kitajima, Tokai University, Japan
  • The large part of social work knowledge which has been imported from the North America and Europe has been taught at the various levels of schools of social work, such as junior colleges and four-year universities, since the end of World War II. Casework, Group work, and Community work have been still main subjects and curriculum items in Japanese social work classes. The interview skills and individual approaches have been often emphasized for social work education. On the contrary, the Code of Ethics of Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW), BASW, and NASW, for example, have shown one of the values, "Social Justice" in addition to "social change." This value of social work rooted in the Western cultures could be difficult to be taught in Japan as a part of Asian cultures. These educational issues on the social work values in Japan would be discussed.

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