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19 Sep 06

Combined 5th Trans Tasman Survey Conference and 2nd Queensland Spatial Industry Conference 2006

Cairns Convention Centre, Cairns, Australia

September 19 - 23 2006

Combined 5th Trans Tasman Survey Conference and 2nd Queensland Spatial Industry Conference 2006, Cairns, Australia
The combined Conference will be of interest to all practitioners in the spatial industry including the professional disciplines of surveying, mapping, engineering and mining surveying, remote sensing and photogrammetry, and spatial information. Young professionals are strongly encouraged to get involved in the Conference and to submit abstracts for consideration in the Conference program. Our fellow industry professionals from within New Zealand, South East Asia, the Pacific Rim and other regions of the globe are also welcome, and are encouraged to participate in the Conference.

The theme of the Combined 5th Trans Tasman Survey Conference and the 2nd Queensland Spatial Industry Conference 2006, Land and Sea Spatially Connected - In a Tropical Hub, aims to demonstrate initiatives across the spatial industry, providing a forum for ongoing discussions and interaction relating to their applicability to the community.

In keeping with the theme, the Conference will draw together spatial professionals from the host state and nation, as well as those from across neighbouring seas. To that end there will be a strong emphasis on the spatial industry's activities and achievements in both the land and marine environments. Young professionals from across the industry will also be actively involved in the Conference, sharing their ideas and experiences as the future of our industry.

Land and Sea Spatially Connected - In a Tropical Hub will address many of the challenges faced by today's spatial professional:

  • Dividing and measuring the landscape
  • Charting, monitoring and managing our rivers and oceans
  • Exploring and developing our oil, gas and mineral resources
  • Developments in Land Rights, Cultural Heritage and Native Title
  • Monitoring and protection of the environment
  • Data management, integration and ownership
  • Land and Water Administration and Governance
  • Natural Disasters - advance warning and the aftermath
  • Beyond 400 years of mapping in Australia
  • Satellite navigation and geodetic frameworks
  • Opportunities and alliances within our community and those of our neighbours
  • Looking outside the square - unique experiences and ingenious solutions
  • The future for the Spatial Sciences - what lies ahead?

    In addressing these challenges, the Conference will draw on experience from a broad representation of the spatial professions. The Conference offers the opportunity for the spatial community to actively participate in a range of organised activities including presentations, poster exhibitions, trade displays, technical tours and workshops. In keeping with the relaxed tropical atmosphere of the host city, the Conference will also provide excellent opportunities for social interaction, networking and relaxation.

  • Important Dates
    Registration Brochure DistributedJuly 2006
    Refereed Paper Submission DeadlineNOW CLOSED
    Non-Refereed Paper Submission DeadlineTuesday, 18 July 2006
    Final Submission of Refereed PapersTuesday, 18 July 2006
    Early Registration DeadlineFriday, 18 August 2006
    Conference CommencesWednesday, 20 September 2006
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